Your Purpose in Life

In the quest for the purpose of life, we must take a few moments for contemplation. We need to temporarily isolate ourselves from the enslaving routines of daily life that deprive us of the opportunity to seek the truth. A few moments of reconsideration can save many years of aimless effort and find the intended purpose in life.

Everything in existence appears to be designed for our protection and benefit. The ozone layer prevents harmful rays from damaging life on Earth. We exploit the riches of the land (for oil, metals and crop) and sea (fishing and minerals) to satisfy our needs. Benefit is also obtained from the universe beyond Earth, such that the moon’s gravity keeps our planet stable and the sun is essential for our very existence.

We are developed from the humble origin of a sperm. The embryo, nourished in the womb, undergoes many delicate and complex stages. The gentlest imbalance in the development process of the foetus can result in its extinction. Yet, the intricate mechanism of the mother is designed with extreme precision and for purposeful protection.

Why must man, who is developed with outstanding deliberation, be destroyed with apparently much less effort? After all the elaborate work undergone in sustaining life in its preliminary stages, it seems strange that this life is destined to end at a later point in time.

Significant progress is continually being made in scientific and technological fields. Medical cures are now available for previously fatal health conditions. Why then must our achievements be interrupted and life terminated without choice or warning?

Death is as meaningless as life itself unless each serves a genuine purpose. Birth and death are two tremendous events in a person's lifetime. Common sense does not accept that birth is simply meant to be the start to death; nor is death the supposed end to birth. However, the purpose can only fit between birth and death. This is life itself! Therefore, to understand the reason behind our existence, we need to appreciate the purpose of our limited lifespan on Earth.

All our achievements and ambitions are destined to end at some stage. You therefore need to appreciate your real destiny, which forces every individual towards death after initially protecting life.

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